The Coronzon Press

The back room

Essays, poems, stories, translations. This is a good place to shove miscellaneous stuff we can’t think how to organise yet. It’s the back room where dad has his bench, it’s the shed, it’s the cellar. One day we’ll rig up proper lighting and put up shelves, create something here. Most of these pieces are by Joel Biroco, unless otherwise stated.

Frank Field the magician
Have you seen Frank Field the magician? He works the underground cabaret scene.
Thoughts on reading Jean-Dominique Bauby
What might we say if we had to say it the way Bauby did.
On Hakim Bey and online life
Personal reflections on things learnt from Hakim Bey, with an emphasis on his stance to the web. Originally written in 2004, before social media had really got going.
Beyond our Ken
Alan Moore reviews Against the Light: A Nightside Narrative by Kenneth Grant, and in the process makes a case for art as magic.
The gale will not last the morning…
An opinion on Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Daodejing.
Arthur and Wally
A tale about youthful exploration and the joys of forbidden knowledge.
On teaching a woman how to make a decent pot of tea
Every man has to instil into his woman the art of tea making.
Lin Yutang and George Orwell on tea
Two good pieces on the art of making tea.
When a standard-format book can’t cope
A surprising addition to the Dummies range of books.
A discussion on juxtapositional magick
A spontaneous technique of magick as well as creating art.
The seven-headed dragon and the demon Choronzon
An exploration of the entangled mythic matrix out of which the demon C[h]oronzon arose, by Joel Biroco. This essay has been translated into Russian.
‘Winter Night’, by Bai Juyi
A translation of Bai Juyi’s poem of solitariness.
‘River snow’, by Liu Zongyuan
A translation of one of the most famous Chinese poems of isolation.
Ryokan, too lazy to be ambitious
This poem by Ryokan featured on the dedication page of World of Dust.