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I intend never again to read an author of whom it is apparent that he wanted to produce a book, but only those whose thoughts unintentionally became a book.

– Nietzsche

The following books by Joel Biroco are available. King of the Grasshoppers, Black Over Bill’s Mother’s, and Demonic in Thought aren’t a trilogy, in that they can be read independently, but they are ‘three novels’ written back-to-back and are connected in that way:

World of Dust
Written 1998–2007. Published 2013, 2022.
King of the Grasshoppers
Written 2007–2008. Published 2022.
Black Over Bill’s Mother’s
Written 2008. Published 2022.
Demonic in Thought
Written 2009. Published 2022.
A Moment of Weakness
Written 2011–2012. Published 2022.
The Subtle Abyss
Written 2012–2013. Published 2022.
Form & Void
Written 2014–2021. Published 2022.
The Curlew in the Mist
Written sporadically. Published 2023.

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