Joel Biroco reading from Demonic in Thought

The recordings are also embedded at the appropriate places in the web-book. The page numbers given link to the web-book but refer to the PDF.


[pp 62–69] The years take as much as taking can get, to the last gasp. We have no need of our weary regrets, yet we still keep hold of them. We try to make ourselves useful, but someone … [Download MP3]


[pp 93–95] Why am I as I am. Unable to move. Sitting staring into space. Distressed. I just have to accept it. I am no other way, at least not at the moment. It lasts as long as it lasts … [Download MP3]

Night, to fall so black

[pp 116–119] Night, to fall so black, must have accomplices. It overlays its strength with days and days of days but it itself is always one. How I understand and respond to … [Download MP3]