The Coronzon Press

Joel Biroco reading from World of Dust

Some home recordings.

The stormporch roof

[3 min 55 sec | pp 1–3] When I went to London to go to university I took myself away from my first eighteen years in Wolverhampton like a small mammal gnawing its leg off in a steel trap. I could not wait to leave, to get away from this town in which … [Download mp3]


[6 min 8 sec | pp 8–12] I spent a lot of time as a boy standing at the top of the stairs listening to dad slagging me off to mum in the living room. Sometimes I would creep down trying not to tread on the creaky step and listen outside the door. When I listened at the … [Download mp3]

Rookery Trading

[4 min 30 sec | pp 105–108] There was a little shop I used to love visiting as a kid called Rookery Trading, it was the only shop in the street not boarded up or pulled down, it held out against the bulldozers. It sold everything, it had fishing rods and fishing nets it had … [Download mp3]

The bridge

[2 min 56 sec | pp 128–130] There is an old superstition that if you bid farewell to someone standing on a bridge you will never see that person again. I remember we looked down at the water and I dropped a penny and it bounced. The cut was frozen over … [Download mp3]

Newspaper legs

[1 min 5 sec | pp 133–134] One day I laughed at dad when he was tying newspapers to the legs of his trousers. It was lunchtime, he was just about to go to work. It was pouring down of rain. Streams falling down the windows, he didn’t want his trousers to get … [Download mp3]

The killing jar

[3 min 17 sec | pp 137–138] Let out the flies. A distant dog barking that bark of faraway days. It reminds me of scabby-kneed walks along the pavement rat-a-tat-tatting a stick along the railings a fat man in shorts shirt off comes out with a bowl of cold water and … [Download mp3]

The lost ball

[4 min 1 sec | pp 145–147] A ball lost in the long grass several summers, green algae grown over it. So useless now no-one wants it even if they find it. A good place to sit and hide, therefore. To wait out the afternoon, peering over the tops of the tall grasses … [Download mp3]

Fag in the ashtray

[2 min 17 sec | pp 151–152] So much can happen in the time it takes for a cigarette to burn down resting in an ashtray. He could have just been having an argument with his lover out in the kitchen. The smoke slowly rises. It could have been the argument … [Download mp3]

More to come…

We’ll add more here in due course, readings from other books as they are published, perhaps more from World of Dust, and random recordings as the mood dictates. Note that the mp3 files to download are a higher quality than the ones used for streaming.